Ukraine intends to force Russia gas companies pay more than $ 3 billion in fines

Moscow, August 19 1xbet Reuters new media Ukraine anti-monopoly Committee Terentyev said 19th, the Antimonopoly Committee is ready to sue Russia’s Gazprom, appeal to force the companies to pay more than 3 billion dollar fine.

Terentyev said, “Antimonopoly Committee of the punishment for Russia’s Gazprom should be implemented, as the latter did not take the initiative to pay the fine, the Antimonopoly Committee will resort to the courts. “

Terentyev did not say prosecution of Russia’s Gazprom, but indicated that it is ready for all the related material. He said that Russia’s Gazprom after the exhaustion of all means of appeal proceedings.

Terentyev also believes that, due to Russia’s Gazprom in overseas, so the implementation of the decision of the technical difficulty.

Ukraine anti-monopoly Committee 2015 accused Russia’s Gazprom monopoly on gas transport market abuse and fined the company 85.86 billion Ukraine hryvnia (about 3.41 billion dollars) fine and make it paid before April 12, 2016.

Russia’s Gazprom to Ukraine through the 1xbet website expressed surprise at the decision, saying it did not in Ukraine operating only in Russia’s western border to the Ukraine oil and gas company gas transmission. Russia’s Gazprom then in Ukraine several court appeals were rejected. So far the company has not Ukraine anti-monopoly Committee’s punishment to pay the fine.

Practical and Helpful Tips: Systems

Microsoft 365 for Your Office

Lately there has been a shift in our computing methods due to the internet, and it has benefited many businesses both small and big. This technology that has been recently introduced is called cloud computing. Cloud computing simply means that you access information from an online storage, rather than from the storage on your computer, simply put, cloud is a slang term for internet. Due to cloud computing, everything is becoming very accessible, allowing us to work on the go.

Everything nowadays is cloud based, so to Microsoft users it was both a shock and a totally expected move that Microsoft has announced a software that integrates cloud computing. Microsoft has named this software as Microsoft 365. Microsoft is essentially an improved version of Microsoft Office but including cloud based services. Working on the go is a key feature of Microsoft 365 allowing users easy access to their files to work better on the go. This feature of Microsoft 365 is really very useful to business that have spread out branches across the world, and even those businesses that have a few outlets but are very far apart.

There are actually many advantages to Microsoft 365 that makes it important for your office. Microsoft 365 allows you to save money on buying lots of external storage drives including file drives, and computer hard drives due to their cloud based storage. Everyone knows that as your file numbers increase, the need for storage increases too. Having Microsoft 365 in your office eliminates the need to go and look or rummage for necessary file drives to search for that particular file.
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Unlike the cloud storage Microsoft 365 offers, external storages also have the disadvantage of erasing its contents unexpectedly from time to time; this is sometimes due to improper handling. This circumstance is a problematic one, as the file drives that had their content deleted could have probably contained a lot of important files. What better alternative to this problem than Microsoft 365 and it’s guarantee of avoiding unnecessary deletion of your files. Having Microsoft 365 in your office is a good investment as the effort and cost of constantly buying external file drives is eliminated, as well as the accidental deletion of your office files, all the while being generally cheaper.
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Microsoft 365 is also handy because it allows multiple persons far from each other fast and instantaneous access in real time, a large number of people could work on a single document and collaborate on it without having to create multiple versions of the file.

As you can see, Microsoft 365 is a great addition to your workplace, and a very great investment.

The Path To Finding Better Experts

Need an Electrical Contractor? Here Are Essential Things to Bear in Mind

There will always come a time wherein you will require the knowledge and expertise of an electrical contractor to fix any of your electrical problems. These electricians can do rewiring, lighting control, surge protection and still many more. But, it is very important to take note that not all electrical contractors are good to hire. You have to exert a little effort in order to find what you need.

Continue reading this article and you will learn some ideas on how to select the right professional for your electrical needs. Since there are many choices available in your place, it is recommended to do comparison. Make sure to compare their pricing, availability and customer service. By comparing your choices, it will be easier to determine who is the best one who can accommodate your electrical needs.

– Do a research.
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Thanks to the technology that makes researching a lot easier. When making your research, always consider their certificate and license to perform electrical jobs. Make sure that they have been through the appropriate training and experience.
Why No One Talks About Services Anymore

Take also the advantage of visiting the personal websites of these electricians. Go through their website and check what are the electrical works they have done before. Another thing, check for reliable online reviews to get an idea how it is working with a particular of electrician. It might also be a good idea to ask for references from the electrician in order to know if he is competent in the field. A good electrician will not hesitate to give you contact details of their satisfied customers.

– Get a quotation.

Your homework doesn’t actually end up after getting relevant details about different electricians, you should not move on to asking quotes from different electrical contractors. You have to realize that getting the lowest quote is not ideal because you might just get a low quality service.

There are still other points that you have to consider.

You can also make use your first impression before making the final decision. For instance, you have to consider what is the kind of website the professional has. Your choice also should consider the kind of customer service the electrician is offering. Check the website and customer service of the electrician to know what kind he is.

In addition, you have to ask the electricians all the questions you have in mind. This is a good way to check if the electrician is capable of performing the job. A good one will answer all your questions and clear all your doubts.

So, the next time you will be looking for an electrician, make sure to consider these simple yet effective tips.